7 natural solutions to feminine frigidity

Feminine sexuality is a mysterious and fascinating topic inside the woman universe. Feminine pleasure is not so evident and easy to understand as the male one. In fact, it is emotional and variegated, hormonal and different every day, susceptible and vulnerable.
But incredibly powerful!

A woman that reveals her sexual potential is usually in deep contact with herself. She is a free, luminous and bright woman. And this enthusiasm will be manifested also in her everyday life.
On the other hand, a woman that doesn’t connect with her body and her sex life, often appears to be nervous, frustrated and, with time passing by, more depressed and unsatisfied.
A healthy sexuality, connected with the heart and the mind, is an extremely important factor for the energetic quality of your life.
Unfortunately it is well known that many women manifest some difficulties in reaching the orgasm, especially the vaginal and profound one.

How to solve your frigidity issues: a Yogic Natural way (in 7 steps)

Before we start, we want to point out that every woman out there (yes, everyone!!) has the potential to reach a deep orgasm and that frigidity is just a temporary matter!
Here are some suggestions and techniques that will help you overcome sexual frigidity:


How can your partner know the tricks to give you pleasure if you don’t know your own body? Many women don’t have enough confidence to explore their own internal genitals and the sensations that evoke from there.
You should take your time to discover how your body works: leave taboos and shame aside and listen to yourself. Your body is divine and an incredible energy source. Get in touch with it and learn how to listen to its voice.


Years of feminine sexuality repression caused a dissociation between brain and vagina. This may be translated into a poor neuronal connection in the internal genitals and consequently a low sensibility in the area.
To improve this condition, the regular practice with a Yoni Egg comes in hand: this is a very efficient technique derived from ancient Tao discipline and traditional Chinese medicine.
The Yoni Egg (Yoni means “sacred temple” in Sanskrit, referring to the vagina) is a small crystal egg, typically made of Jade, that helps rebuild neuronal connections inside the vagina. In this way your brain will recreate the neuronal map of your vagina, largely enhancing sensibility in this precious area. Women that regularly practice with a Yoni Egg refer a blossoming of the internal pleasure and more frequent orgasms.

If you are interested in trying a Yoni Egg read also our article HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR FIRST YONI EGG: WHICH IS THE RIGHT SIZE?



The vaginal orgasm comes from a series of rhythmic contractions of the pelvic floor muscles and of the deep parietal vaginal muscles. The more the muscles are able to contract efficiently, the higher will be the orgasmic peak. Many women that couldn’t reach the orgasm enjoyed incredible benefits from the pelvic floor gymnastic. Start practicing then!
You can perform your vaginal exercises simply by contracting and releasing the vaginal wall muscles: start with 10 to 30 repetitions of contraction-relaxation series per day and then slowly increase the number of repetitions, until you reach 150 repetitions per day.
Wear your Yoni Egg inside the vagina while practicing, if you want to increase the effect and receive additional benefits from the crystal.

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Often the modern lifestyle forces us to live in a short notice, inside an agitated mind, and this may cause a disconnection from the body, a decrease in the body perception and in sexual desire. The disconnection with the vagina, that manifest itself with vaginal insensibility and sex disinterest, also derived from the agitation of the mind.
If during sex your mind is occupied by external thoughts, it will be impossible to reach the pleasure peak and to free that ocean of regenerating energy inside of you. The ability to stay in the present moment, and to capture all the sensations that your body disclosures, is the first step toward the process of discovering pleasure within your body.


Orgasm is a state of deep letting go; a moment in which the borders of your being break up to allow you to expand.
Are you able to let go of your borders, in bed, without the fear to get lost or disintegrate? It’s not always easy to open you up, because this state makes us vulnerable and sensitive. And sometimes it may also be scaring.
Trust is a conscious choice: the decision to trust and be open to anything. Only this attitude will allow our vagina to open like a beautiful flower and be able to receive the best gifts that the Universe has in store for us.


Some of us may have had sexual and emotional experiences that left painful memories. Therefore, some women may have built defensive mechanisms to avoid opening themselves up and letting go. Sometimes the fear of being hurt again can lead you to energetically close and to step away from the good things in life, love, deep intimacy with your loved one, the pleasure of the orgasm and ecstasy. The internal areas of your vagina are deposits of the most feminine and receptive energy. Often it’s where a woman stores traumatic memories.
The Yoni massage practice, an intimate and loving vaginal massage, and the use of Yoni Eggs, ancient tools to improve your vaginal sensitivity and consciousness, are two incredible instruments to remove energetic blockages.

If you are interested in starting your Yoni Egg practice, you can buy an Original Natural Jade Yoni Egg HERE.   


A woman vagina is deeply connected with the Heart. Having loving situations that make us feel good is paramount to be open and honest with our partner. Sexual excitement, at a physical level, is the consequence of a hormonal cocktail circulating only if we feel safe.
Therefore, it’s very important to connect with emotions and intimacy. A long preliminary phase helps you to relax your mind, to find your deep connection with your partner and to open the energetic channels of your body. With open attention, every area of your body can become an erogenous point and this can allow you to feel orgasmic experiences all over your body.

Let yourself melt into deep pleasure

According to the ancient discipline of Tantra, all the women can free their deep vaginal sexual pleasure. This experience is absolutely beneficial for all the physical, energetic and mental feminine spheres.
Listen to your body, dive deep into your sensuality and embrace your divine Self.


Original article: “7 rimedi Yogici alla frigidità femminile” published in italian by ilGiornale delloYoga.it.
Author: Amita
from Malini Yoga.
Amita is a Hatha Yoga and Tantra teacher with years of practice. Visit her website to check out her workshops scheduled all over Europe and in Mexico.

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