Best crystal for a yoni egg: a review on jade, rose quartz and amethyst

Nowadays Yoni Eggs are made from many varieties of beautiful gemstones and crystals, each one with different characteristics and healing proprieties. So, the question that often arises when you are about to buy your Yoni Egg is: which is the best stone for me?

The ancient tradition of Jade Yoni Egg practice

Traditionally, in ancient China, Yoni Egg practice had been reserved only for the emperor wife and concubines and had been done only with eggs made of Jade, because it was extremely precious and for its immense healing benefits. That is why the most popular gemstone among beginners still is Genuine Jade.

Why starting with a Jade Yoni Egg?

The term Jade can refer to two similar stones composed of different silicate minerals: Jadeite and Nephrite, with a high iron fiber content that gives the stone that peculiar dark green colour. Its English name (through Latin and Spanish terms) means “loins”, because of the stone traditional efficacy in healing loins and kidneys affections. Keep in mind that Jade is a pretty rare and quite expensive stone.

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  • is a very hard stone. It will hardly break or crack if you accidentally drop it while you are learning to use your Yoni Egg
  • has a high thermal conductivity, so your body does not need to use a lot of energy to warm it up
  • has a powerful, but gentle, energy that, it is believed, can protect the owner from negative outside energies
  • energetically connects Anahata chakra, the heart chakra, with Swadistana chakra, the second chakra
  • balances the water amount of the body, therefore is beneficial for the health of the entire organism and especially for the kidneys and the female reproductive system
  • is a very grounding, calming and protective stone that promotes wellbeing and can be worn for long periods of time while nourishing and energizing the whole body.

Jade is dedicated to all the women,  but especially to women who want to achieve a deeper and better connection with their sexuality and ultimately themselves.

For more info about how to care for your Yoni Egg and the contraindications of its use check out our FAQ section.

Play with the stones

Jade Eggs have immense energetic and healing properties, but you can choose a Yoni Egg carved out of other stones and crystals. Simply follow your sensations and intuition and choose the stone that resonate more with your personality and your intentions.
It is important to note that that not every type of gem or crystal is safe to be worn inside the yoni, especially for prolonged periods of time, due to the intrinsic strong energies of the stones.

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Some of the most powerful crystals used for Yoni Eggs are Rose Quartz and Amethyst.

Rose Quartz:

  • is a beautiful pale rose crystal, often referred to as the Love Stone
  • it corresponds strongly to the Heart chakra Anahata
  • it helps dissolve the barriers and blockages we have against feeling or giving and receiving the energy of Love
  • it promotes Self Love and Heart opening.

Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs are indicated to women who want to connect with their generous and loving side.


  • is often called Natural Tranquilizer or All-Healing stone
  • it counteracts negative earth energies, calms angry temperaments and bring in spiritual insights, providing the strength needed to obtain freedom from addictive personalities
  • if worn during the night, can help you relieve insomnia and can stimulate pleasant dreams
  • is also considered the stone of St. Valentine, the saint of faithful lovers, therefore it gives meaning to relationships that over time establish a deeper connection and a more soulful communion.

Amethyst Yoni Eggs are dedicated to women who want to improve their feminine pervasive strength.

We suggest you to start the practice with Jade, but if you feel more attracted by another crystal or multiple crystals, definitely go for it! Even if it is your first Yoni Egg, no one will give you better advice than your own body and intuition.

Did you choose your favorite Yoni Egg stone?
If you need more information on which is the best size for your first Yoni Egg read also this article.

Only original Yoni Eggs

Be careful not to buy and use a crystal egg that is not specifically sold for Yoni Egg practice. In fact, many chemical products are used during the manufacturing process of most decorative crystals that are not safe to wear inside.

YogicYantra Yoni Eggs are made only with Natural and Certified crystals and stones, crafted one by one by one specifically for this purpose.
Yogic Yantra avoids any kind of chemical treatment, dye product or artificial filler during the manufacturing process to make the safest and most Natural Yoni Eggs possible!