How to choose the right mala for your personality type

Choose Mala

The variety of Mala Beads choices makes choosing the right one an overwhelming task for a lot of spiritual seekers. If you feel the same, try making the decision a little more personal.
The Mala Beads’s tassel color and Guru stone can help you ultimately find the perfect meditation tool for you, depending on what exactly you want to invite into your life.


Choose the Mala that matches your personality and wear it every day as a symbol of compassion, as a talisman or as nice bio jewel.
You can use it during meditation or to support one or more chakra.

If you are lively and active

If you possess these qualities, chances are you have a lot of fire in you.

A soothing pink color Compassion Mala Beads can help you balance the heat and calm you down a little bit.

This will eventually bring you time to rest, to contemplate and to be thankful for all the beautiful manifestation of Nature around you.

If you are a communicator

Indigo or light Blue is the color of Vishudda, the chakra that facilitate clear and truthful communication.

A blue color Devotion Mala Beads it’s perfect for teachers, writers, journalists and all those people that use spoken and write communication a lot during their days.

This Mala can be useful also to help you being more sincere and to open yourself to other and to communicate your true feelings.

If you are anxious

If you have high levels of anxiety, chances are you need to ground yourself.

Stones such as Lava stone can aid in emotional balance and wearing the Strength Mala Beads can help you get centered and feel more protected and relaxed.

The black color Grounding Mala also release anxiety and negativity, connecting you to the ground and Muladhara chakra.

If you have a creative mind

The green colored Balance Mala, that resonate with Anahata chakra, will help you enhance creativity.

Wearing it with consciousness, will also connect you with a loving, nurturing energy that encourages great ideas to flow.

If you are a healer

If they don’t properly take care of themselves, healers can give too much of their own energy to others.

Stones like Rose quartz, the ultimate Love and Self-love stone, can be useful to drive your compassion outside but also inside toward yourself.

Wear the Love mala Beads every day to experience its benefits.

If you are a spiritual soul

The white Purifying Mala Beads, related to Sahasrara chakra, can deepen any meditation by connecting you to a higher source of energy and therefore bring more Awareness in your everyday life.

This color is also associated to Saucha, the Niyama of Self-purification.

Choose the Mala that best matches your needs and your personality type and wear it every day.



YogicYantra Mala Beads are hand-knotted, fairly traded and made with authentic natural Rudraksha seeds and semi precious gems.
They are inspired by Yogic Traditions, blessed by monks and made to connect you to the here and now.

Choose the Mala that best matches your needs and your personality type and wear it every day.