How to choose your yoni egg: which is the right size?

Are you interested in starting to practice with a Yoni Egg?
Do you feel a little intimidated and you don’t know which is the correct size for you?

Here are some clarifications, advice and recommendations to whom is willing to start this wonderful, sacred and intimate practice.

Yoni Eggs are not a “One size fits all”

Yoni Eggs usually have three different sizes:

  • Large, approx. 35×50 mm
  • Medium, approx. 30x45mm
  • Small, approx. 25x35mm.

Most of the times, a beginner can start to practice with a larger Yoni Egg and, as her expertise grows, can go down in size. This may seem odd, but the larger the Yoni Egg size the easier it is to feel it and for the vaginal muscles to grip it and keep it inside. If you cannot keep the Yoni Egg easily inside at first, do not get discouraged, because it is completely normal for beginners! Try to start practicing while laying down or while sitting up and always for short periods of time.

Many women usually start with a medium size egg. It does not depend on your body constitution, if you are tall or petite, most likely medium size Yoni Egg is what you need. You can start practice with it and, if after a month of practicing you still feel like you will be more comfortable with a larger one, then you might decide to purchase a large size Yoni Egg and then come back to your medium size Yoni Egg in a few weeks or when you feel comfortable using the larger one. It really depends a lot on you and on your experiences and feelings while practicing with the Yoni Egg. It is only your personal choice.

If you delivered a baby, went through menopause or are simply not sure what size to start with, you might choose to purchase a set of 3 Yoni Eggs in different sizes. With this complete set you can experiment with sizes comfortably: start with the large one and gradually work your way down in size or use different Yoni Eggs on different days.

Be careful not to practice with a Yoni Egg during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth. A Yoni egg practice is amazing to start after childbirth, but it is important before you start to ask your doctor or midwife if there are any contraindications for you. It is also not indicated to use a Yoni Egg while wearing a IUD (Intra Uterin Diaphragm).

Small eggs are not for small women, but are used by expert practitioners or suggested if you want to experiment with different sizes of the egg. The smaller the egg the more grip the muscles need to provide to hold it inside. Sometimes small eggs are also being used two at a time.
A small Yoni Egg is also indicated to whom experience excessive tightness in the pelvic floor: in this case, Yoni Egg practice can really help, but it needs to be approached little by little, with patience and attention, avoiding exercises that involve squeezing and pulling at first and focusing only on relaxing the muscles.

It is very important to remember that Yoni Eggs are not only weights for Kegel exercises, but they assist you on your spiritual path of transformation and growth. Letting go is one of the hardest things to do, but it is as difficult as it is important and rewarding.

All YogicYantra Yoni Eggs are handcrafted one by one with Love and dedication only with authentic and certificated stones and crystals.

If you are still unsure how to start, or you are buying a Yoni Egg as a present for a friend, you might love to try:

  • a Set of 3 Yoni Eggs (Large, Medium and Small size), made of Jade or another crystal like Rose Quartz or Amethyst.
  • a Jade Yoni Egg Medium size: this is a best seller and an excellent choice for beginners.

Be inspired by this Feminine secret weapon!